“The mind that opens to a new idea never returns to its original size.”

     – Albert Einstein

A poem based on this quote.

In realms of thought where ideas thrive, A spark ignites, begins to drive, The mind that opens, spreads its wings, A symphony of change it sings.

From limits once tightly bound, It ventures where new paths are found, A canvas blank, now painted bright, With colors bold, and dreams in flight.

The spark becomes a blazing fire, Burning away what once did tire, The walls that held old thoughts in place, Now crumble, gone without a trace.

A world expanded, vast and grand, Where possibilities now stand, The mind that dared to glimpse the new, Forever changed, forever grew.

No longer trapped in former size, It soars beyond the old confines, Embracing all that’s unexplored, A journey endless, onward soared.

So let your mind be free to roam, In realms of thought it finds its home, For once it opens, it’s set free, To never return to what used to be.

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