• Anniversary @2:50 EET

    Anniversary @2:50 EET

    11 Feb 2021. On this day EET@2:50 held its first meeting hosted from Finland. Meet local host Partha at https://at250.org/about/ Congrats EET!

  • First female professor

    First female professor

    10 Feb 1917. Johanna Westerdijk is appointed the Netherland’s first female professor. In 1917, she was appointed as the first female professor in the Netherlands, serving as associate professor of plant pathology in Utrecht University and in 1930 at the University of Amsterdam, with a total of 55 Ph.D. students earning their degrees under her […]

  • Falstaff premieres

    Falstaff premieres

    9 Feb 1893. Verdi’s last opera, Falstaff premieres at La Scala, Milan. Verdi wrote Falstaff, the last of his 28 operas, as he approached the age of 80. It was his second comedy, and his third work based on a Shakespeare play, following Macbeth and Otello. The plot revolves around the thwarted, sometimes farcical, efforts […]

  • Universal cosmic time

    Universal cosmic time

    8 Feb 1879 Standard time was originally proposed by Scottish-Canadian Sir Sandford Fleming at a meeting of the Canadian Institute in Toronto on 8 February 1879. He suggested that standard time zones could be used locally, but they were subordinate to his single world time, which he called Cosmic Time. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universal_Time How has standardizing time […]

  • E Day

    E Day

    The number e, also known as Euler’s number, is a mathematical constant approximately equal to 2.71828, and can be characterized in many ways. It is the base of the natural logarithms. It is the limit of ⁿ as n approaches infinity, an expression that arises in the study of compound interest. Wikipedia Euler’s number is used […]

  • Women Can Vote

    Women Can Vote

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elections_in_the_United_Kingdom The Representation of the People Act 1918 expanded the electorate to include all men over the age of 21 and most women over the age of 30. Later that year, the Parliament (Qualification of Women) Act 1918 gave women over 21 the right to stand for election as MPs. The first woman to become an MP was Constance Markievicz in […]

  • First Motion Picture

    First Motion Picture

    5 Feb 1870. The first motion picture was shown on this day at the Philadelphia Academy of Music, Henry R. Heyl presented his Phasmatrope, using glass transparencies of a sequence of static poses of a couple waltzing, mounted round a disc fitted with an intermittent mechanism and shutter, and projected by a magic lantern. This […]

  • Slavery Abolished

    Slavery Abolished

    4 Feb 1794. On this day the French Republic first abolished slavery. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slavery_in_the_British_and_French_Caribbean

  • Japan Olympics

    Japan Olympics
  • World Wetlands Day

    World Wetlands Day