When I was a paperboy, a bookshop on Williamson street received the daily paper. I would often stop by and browse the shelves for some time. The route was after school and before the internet, so time had not yet compressed to become urgent or filled with notifications. I only had my route to complete those days by five. And the bookshop was often cool in summer and warm in winter, giving me a rest.

Richard and Carol, the two owners, would quietly greet me and often have little wrapped hard candy to take away.

The shadow, smell, silence, and nowness of the shop are forever imprinted on my memory. The quiet, practiced demeanor of the owners may have been early mindfulness teaching unknown to me at the time.

A good day today to Love Your Bookshop.

And this is where they moved to later. http://www.chequamegonbooks.com/about-us.php