Nalu | 28-day mind-the-flow journey

Get in the flow with a simple, supported mindful practice in ten minutes a day.

Mon, 11 Mar to Sun, 7 April, 2024

Visit a free community meeting daily in any of four time zones.

Build continuity into any practice

Get support in a global community

Explore your own mind and flow

Follow our protagonist, Nalu*, as they learn how to mind the flow and then practice what we learn for a few minutes each day.

You’ll feel supported and at ease if you are new to mindfulness or have a practice. Our open @2:50 community has welcomed people from all walks of life and across the world more than 2500 times. Ten minutes a day for 28 days helps us build our insight practices, learn better how to “mind our flow,” and live more peace.

When you join for any day or all 28, you can contribute to our collective mood board with one-click visualizations or polls. After Nalu completes, @2:50 creates and shares digital art and artifacts with you from the mood board entries to remember Nalu and their intention to ‘mind the flow.’

Registration is not required. 🙂 Free 10-minute events open daily from our home page.

Unlike a “mindfulness challenge,” Nalu aims for continuity of practice supported by ourselves and each other. We frame our journey as cooperation and collaboration, in contrast to competition.

Registrants enter first name and email to receive a daily Zoom reminder or the selected @2:50 time zone from 11 Mar to 7 Apr, 2024. We do not share information with anyone. See our privacy policy for more.

*Nalu is Hawaiian for wave. Also, mindful observation.** Science and tradition view matter and energy as made fundamentally of vibrations or waves. As such, our lived experience comes in flow.

**We use the Hawaiian ‘Nalu’ to honor indigenous wisdom everywhere and elude inferences that arise from words in the world’s principal languages.

As an individual

Everyone is invited to join @2:50 any day for free by clicking the buttons on our home page at the appropriate time. To join Nalu | Mind the Flow, register for daily reminders starting 11 March. When our tracking tool becomes available, we’ll notify you as well in case you want to track your progress during our journey.

As a group

Groups from around the world are joining Nalu | Mind the Flow. Groups are two or more people who join simultaneously from the same room. Organizations and companies that join may choose to have their name listed on our home page and shared with the community. What better way to experience flow than with your colleagues or family members? Register your group.

On Sunday, 10 March, Atlantica@2:50 celebrates four years (1460 days) of consecutive ten-minute daily mindful practice in the EDT time zone. Everyone is welcome to join us at 2:45 pm EDT, enjoy the quiet from 2:50 to 3:00 pm, and stick around at 3:00 for a preview of the 28 day journey, and for a dance party! No registration is required. Just mark your calendar and come back to the homepage for the link.

For the first week of Nalu’s journey we explore the breath and how observing the breathing can serve as a valuable tool in minding the flow.

In the second week we join Nalu in exploring body observation to help us better connect with the here and now through our direct experience. We’ll celebrate the equinox on 20 March.

In the third week, we join Nalu in exploring the flow of our intentions over time. We access a few simple intention- and attention-setting practices that can be used everywhere.

We complete our journey with Nalu coming back to the source and recognizing gratitude and the role it can play in the flow of our lives. Nalu | Mind the flow concludes at 3:00 pm EDT on 7 April. Directly following, we will host our monthly First Sunday. Mindful Boston’s Gena Bean guides us on a meditation from the One Quote Book Club from 3:00-3:30. We relax and unwind afterward.

Your hosts

Asia@2:50 (UTC+5)

Hosted by V.K

Europa@2:50 (UTC+2) 

Hosted by Partha

Atlantica@2:50 (UTC -4)

Hosted by Arthur

Pacifica@2:50 (UTC-7)

Hosted by Billy

Practitioners and interested groups are welcome to host additional time zones. Please reach art (at) to chat about it!

Nalu@2:50 across time zones

Clicking on the links for the desired timezone takes you directly to the live webinar @2:50pm local time. Register for a daily reminder.

New York
Sydney* 8:50 pm 11:50 pm 6:50 am 8:50 am
Tokyo 6:50 pm 9:50 pm 4:50 am 76:50 am
Delhi 3:20 pm 6:20 pm 1:20 am 3:20 am
Yekaterinburg @2:50 pm 5:50 pm 12:50 am 2:50 am
Helsinki* 11:50 am @2:50 pm 9:50 pm 11:50 am
London 9:50 am 12:50 pm 12:50 pm 9:50 pm
Rio de Janeiro 6:50 am 9:50 am 9:50 am 6:50 pm
New York 5:50 am 8:50 am @2:50 pm 5:50 pm
Mexico City 3:50 am 6:50 am 12:50 pm 3:50 pm
Vancouver 2:50 am 5:50 am 11:50 am @2:50 pm
Honolulu 11:50 pm 2:50 am 9:50 am 11:50 pm

If you join a few minutes early, we usually have a light arm, shoulder, or neck stretch. 🙂
*times may be affected by daylight savings adjustments at the end of March or early in April

Register here

If you’re not ready to register or want to learn more, subscribe. We’ll email you once or twice with more info as it becomes available.

Sample mood board entry we may use during Nalu | Mind the Flow. Try it now. Be sure to scroll down to record your entry.