We envision a world where every hour of every day people meet up for ten minutes of silent reflection @2:50 pm local time.

In order to realize this vision, we invite you to join any existing @2:50 or to start your own Local@2:50.

  • If you’re in the same time zone as an existing “Local”, simply join. When that Local gets too big, we’ll divide.
  • Start a Local@2:50 branded with your own flavor in your own time zone. Review our Local’s guide to hosting
  • We have practice and the technology. We help you get started.

The vision for @2:50 is that it

  • happens at 2:50 pm every day in every timezone,
  • remains non-sectarian and non-denominational,
  • is always offered for free to anyone anywhere,
  • and does not promote any business, ideology, creed, or sect.

Contact Arthur, agrau at mit dot edu or art@at250.org

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Representation of timezones. Check your local time for accuracy.

Local@2:50 Startup Guide

Download the guide as a pdf


Local@2:50 envisions a world where people meet together every hour of every day for ten minutes of silent reflection @2:50 pm local time. When Local@2:50 happens online in every time zone, anyone anywhere can effortlessly connect to a global mindfulness community in times of need and enjoy a regular practice with a minimum of planning and scheduling effort.

Our Assumptions

Every individual can engage in mindfulness practices with a minimum of guidance as part of their human nature. Enjoying mindfulness practices with other people cultivates community and can be fun. Regularity and dependability in mindfulness habits are keys to their effectiveness. Practicing mindfulness may benefit individual and collective human organisms and may be seen as a biological need.

How to @2:50

Sit relaxed. Close your eyes or observe your surroundings or screen. Observe your breathing, letting it go in and out by itself. Notice, watch, feel, and listen to sensations in your own body as they occur naturally (your palms on your lap, your seat in the chair, your posture, etc.) Visualize a relaxing experience or something or someone you are grateful for.

Local@2:50 Principles

Locals meet every day at 2:50 pm local time for ten minutes of quiet reflection and mindfulness. Locals provide a free live stream online, even while meeting in person. Meetings are always free to attend (or not attend) for all people regardless of their orientation, background, belief, or ability. Locals are autonomous, self-organizing, and self-supporting, created and maintained by volunteers with the support of at250.org. Local hosts refrain from endorsing or promoting outside enterprises, activities, belief systems, political viewpoints, or personal agendas.

How to start a Local

Individuals and organizations are welcomed and encouraged to create their Local@2:50 group meetings to serve their communities at 2:50 pm in any time zone that does not already have a meeting. If there is already a Local@2:50 happening in your time zone, we invite everyone to join the existing meetup. https://at250.org. 

Request for notification

While @2:50 is a creative commons project and anyone can start one, we’d like to recognize and document the Local@2:50 movement

If you start a Local@2:50, we want to list you on the website, share your public meetings links, and follow your progress. 

Mechanics of running a Local

If this interests you or your group, @2:50 has a subscription Zoom webinars account. We can supply hosts with login credentials and schedule meetings for local time zones. We can offer a copyright-free video and soundtrack that hosts are welcome to use. Hosts may also wish to guide the mindfulness practice at their preference. Every @2:50 is different, even while following general principles. The daily event is an open non-registration webinar for ease of use for the public. In addition, anyone may also register to join the local meeting panel. Panelists appear on the screen and unmute for the welcome and sign-off if they wish. @2:50 manages the registration sign-up through a form on the website. As a local host, you may want to initiate your meetings with a group of people who join you on the panel, setting the tone and intention from the start. We also encourage local hosts to share the responsibility with more than one person. Hosting consecutively every day, while a dedicated practice of its own, can also become a big responsibility over time. Hosts from other time zones may also substitute as needed. We request that hosts sign a user privacy statement and join a brief informal training on running their own @2:50 before getting started. For every @2:50 hosted meetup, we like to record the number of attendees. 

If you wish to start a private @2:50 for your company or organization, we welcome you as well. While @2:50 aims to remain free and open to the world, the practice can benefit everyone, so private groups are welcome. Contact us for more information.

Branding, outreach, and launch

New meetings can be listed on our website and in our quarterly newsletter. As a Local, we share branding, logos, materials, and articles for your use in launching your Local@2:50. We suggest that hosts also use their local event listings, calendars, newsletters, and social media to inform people about daily events. We invite hosts as contributors to our social media channels and blog. Hosts are welcome to name Local@2:50s by your time zone. E.g., PST@2:50 You may also brand your @2:50 to make it your own. Names like NorthShore@2:50, UofM@2:50, or Slackers@2:50 could be fun ways to bring your 2:50 home to your members.