We envision people everywhere meeting up to reflect quietly together @2:50 pm local time.

When Local@2:50s happen in every time zone, anyone, any day, can effortlessly get mindful with minimal effort.

To realize our vision, we invite you to join any @2:50 or to start your own Local@2:50.

  • Start a Local@2:50 in your time zone with your own flavor as:
    • an opportunity to deepen your practice,
    • a simple method of building your community or brand,
    • a means to engage your staff or talent in organizations.
  • We have practice and technology. We help you get started.

WE AIM TO meet every day at 2:50 pm local time for ten minutes of quiet reflection and mindfulness. We provide a free live stream online, even while meeting in person. @2:50s are always free to attend (or not attend) for everyone, regardless of their orientation, background, belief, or ability. Local@2:50s are autonomous, self-organizing, and self-supporting, created and maintained by volunteers with the support of at250.org.

Sound interesting? Read on or reach out to Arthur art@at250.org

Local@2:50 Startup

WE ENVISION people everywhere meeting up to reflect quietly together @2:50 pm local time. When Local@2:50s happen in every time zone, anyone, any day, can effortlessly nurture their mindful practice with a minimum of scheduling effort.

WE ASSUME every person can practice mindfulness with minimum guidance–it’s human nature. Enjoying mindfulness time with others cultivates community and can be fun. Individuals and collectives benefit from mindfulness practices. Persistence increases efficacy.

WE PRACTICE by relaxing our posture. Some people close their eyes or observe their surroundings or screens. Others observe the breath, letting it go in and out by itself. Some watch, feel, and listen to sensations in their bodies as they occur naturally (palms on lap, seat in the chair, posture, etc.) Some visualize a relaxing experience.

Start a Local

You are welcome to create a Local@2:50 to serve your community or organization. @2:50 is Creative Commons–anyone can start one. Please join if there is already a Local@2:50 in your time zone. If you want to start a public Local@2:50 in a new time zone, see how we can help below.

Get help running a public Local@2:50

@2:50 has a subscription Webinar account. We supply hosts with login credentials and schedule your webinars. Hosts are welcome to use our free video and soundtrack to play during at2:50. You may wish to guide your mindfulness practice at your preference. Every @2:50 is different. The free daily meditation is an open, non-registration webinar. This makes it easy for anyone to join any time there’s a mindful meeting. In addition, anyone may also register to join the local meeting panel on camera. Panelists appear on the screen and may unmute for welcome and sign-off. @2:50 manages meeting registration sign-up through a form on the website. We offer a brief informal training on running your @2:50. We agree on a user privacy statement. Whenever possible, we record the number of attendees at each meeting each day. 

We encourage you to share hosting responsibility with more than one person—hosting consecutively every day, while a dedicated practice of its own, can become a big responsibility. Local hosts may want to start with a group of people who join you on the panel, setting your tone and intention from the start. Hosts from other time zones may also substitute as needed. 

Branding, outreach, and launch

New meetings can be listed on our website and in our newsletter. We share branding, logos, materials, and articles to help launch your Local@2:50. You may wish to use local event listings, calendars, newsletters, and social media to inform people about your event. We invite hosts as contributors to our social media channels and blog. Contact us art@at250.org for more info.

Read more about our practices.