A vision of daily mindfulness for everyone

We envision a world where everyone everywhere can effortlessly join a mindful practice with minimal effort on any day.

To accomplish this vision, @2:50 provides daily mindfulness reflection periods offered free to the world. These are open webinars that anyone can join on any day. Created at MIT (Cambridge, MA), the daily, volunteer-run events aim to help people reflect and recharge. Participants join from around the world. @2:50 does not promote any creed, sect, organization, or ideology. We just meet every day for ten minutes of quiet. Everyone is invited.

Learn about how the at2:50 contemplation period was born.

The daily event has brought together people from every continent for over 300,000 person/minutes of quiet reflection. Experiential MIT@2:50 ten-minute daily mindfulness convenes for its 250th consecutive day. Published Nov, 2020.

Insights on community of practice after 250 consecutive days.

The founding member of @2:50 reflects on some insights after 250 consecutive days.

  • Commitment, regularity, and simplicity open the door to a mindfulness practice.
  • Having no end in sight meets disruptions and change on their own terms.
  • Making mindfulness together makes a quantum connection.
  • The group determines the outcome, and we’re forced to be unattached.

Read more: Four insights from 250 days of @2:50 from arthurgrau.com.

Contact the organizers art@at250.org

Local mindfulness hosts serving the community

Arthur hosts EST@2:50. Professionally, he serves as a marketing and communications director. Personally, he enjoys cycling and art-making. As an @2:50 host, he draws on experiences from yoga and meditation practices. https://arthurgrau.com

Partha hosts EET@2:50 from Finland. Professionally, he is a Supply Chain practitioner focused on S&OP / IBP. Personally, he enjoys walking in the forest. As an @2:50 host and life in general, he draws inspiration from non-dual (Advaita, Sanskrit) philosophies from the East and the West.

VK sub-hosts EET&EST@2:50. Professionally, she is an academic research scientist in fluids & structures. Personally, she likes poetry, opera, and Scottish dancing. As an @2:50 host, she is into short mindfulness practices, easily incorporated into the day.

Billy hosts PST@2:50 from Singapore. Professionally, he is a full-time student in Singapore American School. Personally, he is a classical music, rocket, and sleeping enthusiast. As an @2:50 host, he explores different philosophical schools of thought through meditation and tries to answer the age-old question: “What is the meaning of Life?”

Mindfulness resources to start or deepen your habit

Using the breath, guided audio. Attending to the breath is one of several techniques we practice daily at @2:50 p.m. Breath attention is one of the simplest, most effective practices available to anyone anywhere. For this reason, we return to it again as foundational to the rest of the day.

Body observation guided audio. Observation of sensation is one of several techniques we practice daily at @2:50 p.m. Watching sensations is a simple, effective practice available to anyone anywhere at any time. For this reason, we return to it again as foundational to our daily practice.

Gratitude mindfulness guided audio. Gratitude practice is one of several techniques we practice daily at @2:50 p.m. Gratitude and gratefulness practice can evoke sensations and feelings that resonate with us for the rest of the day. We find attention to gratitude to be foundational to daily practice.