@2:50 is a daily mindfulness reflection period offered free to the world. This is an open webinar that anyone can join on any day. Created at MIT (Cambridge, MA), the event intends to help people reflect and recharge. It is joined by members from around the world. @2:50 does not promote any creed, sect, organization, or ideology. We just meet every day for ten minutes of quiet. Everyone is invited.

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Four insights from 250 days of @2:50

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Local Hosts

Arthur hosts EST@2:50. Professionally, he serves as a marketing and communications director. Personally, he enjoys cycling and art-making. As an @2:50 host, he draws on experiences from yoga and meditation practices. https://arthurgrau.com

Partha hosts EET@2:50 from Finland. Professionally, he is a Supply Chain practitioner focused on S&OP / IBP. Personally, he enjoys walking in the forest. As an @2:50 host and life in general, he draws inspiration from non-dual (Advaita, Sanskrit) philosophies from the East and the West.

VK sub-hosts EET&EST@2:50. Professionally, she is an academic research scientist in fluids & structures. Personally, she likes poetry, opera, and Scottish dancing. As an @2:50 host, she is into short mindfulness practices, easily incorporated into the day.


Using the breath guided audio

Body observation guided audio

Gratitude mindfulness guided audio